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Hi, I'm matthardwick and
this is Version 1.2 of workangst.

Right now, I'm busy revamping the comm, including such things as a small directory of links about work, LJ comms about work, and jobsearch websites, the latter two of which I now have up. However, you'll need to join this comm in order to see them; they're friends-only. And in case you're wondering about the previous owners and moderators, hupafa and imjustabill, click on the link for more info. (It's also friends-only.) I saved their introductions because they also run some interesting comms you folks might like to see. Besides, I'm a pack rat as much as anything.;-)

As hupafa (workangst founder, and underpaid retail employee) put it,

This is a community where anyone who works may join and rant about the trials and tribulations in the work force. Complain about bosses, coworkers, customers, or just how much your job sucks in general.

only one rule people, be good.

that's basically it.

Those are the basics, folks. The only things I'll add to that is that if you want, you can post links related to any work news, or interesting sites that talk about work. As long as it relates to jobs, or how a lot of 'em suck, go ahead. I figure that we ougtta exchange some info, to at least learn how better we're off than some poor stiffs out there. Or how worse.

WARNING: Any posting of irrelevant poetry, information, comms, or even entreprenurial opportunities will be dealt with and removed, because they fall under the realm of hupafa's rule, above. There are probably other comms that'll do that out there. So go find them.

But if you're a newbie, and good, welcome. I hope you'll at least post something about your job and how it's lousy. You'll find you're not alone.:-)

Watch this space, folks. (Although if you plan to do so at work, I'd check to see if your boss/supervisor/slavedriver monitors e-mail and web use. Any affection you might have for yuri/yaoi hentai pro-electroplating s&m pictures might affect more than your chances of getting that raise...);-)


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