S. M. B. (bastet11191967) wrote in workangst,
S. M. B.

Drunk Dialing When Inquiring About Employment For Someone Else is Very Poor Form!!!

Dear Jackass Paul,

Please do not call my employment agency office with your stinking attitude.  It is NOT my fault that 1) you did not have enough sense to use a condom, 2) that you did not have enough sense to get yourself educated, and 3) that you did not have enough sense to train your son and arm him with the knowledge that he would need to function in today’s world.  Furthermore, you calling and sounding like a fucking hung over drunk really pisses me off, so your first impression (and last, I can assure you of that) really stinks to high heaven.  Honestly, how hard is it to talk coherently so that it is not necessary for me to have to rerun your stupid message to figure what your damned phone number is?!

Sincerely Wish You’d Drive Off a Cliff,

Sylvia (The Gatekeeper)

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