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I work at a cafeteria who feeds college students taking summer classes and kids who come for summer sports/music camps. This summer has been the worst one yet. It's just been barely shy of physical fighting going on amongst the student staff.

The worst of it for me has been that my roommate, who I never gave permission to live with me in the first place, who insists on her boyfriend staying for days. Now, we have a three day guest policy and I was okay with him staying, as most nights I spend with my own boyfriend at his place. We got into an argument (we meaning her boyfriend and myself) over my tv being on while my roommate was working and left her creepy boyfriend with me!! He was "sick" and needed his sleep. I'm living in an 11 foot by 12 foot room. They're not made for three people, let alone two people and an argumentative significant other that creeps the hell out of me. Picture a prison mugshot and you've got this guy pictured. Couple that with how nasty he is to me, my coworkers, and the roommate, and he's a pretty crappy package. I told the roommate after the tv incident that he is not to be left with me when she goes to work or left in the room while we are both working. It's also college policy that guests are escorted and never alone while on-campus, let alone given access to the locked buildings/rooms.

So a couple days ago, I give permission for him to stay again and this time, I don't have to work. She makes him leave when she goes to work and a little while later, he walks into my room without knocking, grabs something from the fridge, and walks out. I was like WTF just happened? So then I went to dinner and then came back and locked my room so I could have a conversation on the phone with my mother. Partway through this conversation, I hear him yelling through the door if he could come in. I yelled that I was on the phone and to hang on. I gave up after a minute and opened the door to find him with the room key ready to UNLOCK the door!! I screamed at him because he doesn't have a right to have access to that key, let alone waltz his way into my room, especially when the door is locked and I've already told the girl he is not to be alone with me. So she later complains to me that it was OMG HOT (80some degrees and we live in an air-conditioned building. bulshit) and he needed a drink of water. We have two water fountains per floor, he can drink from those, let alone that he was not supposed to be alone with me! She knows I don't like him and don't want him around me, yet gave him her key and thought it was okay for him to let himself in, after I also told her he wasn't to be in the room by himself either. I turned them in to housing because she clearly didn't understand that he wasn't to have access and I wasn't getting through her thick head on my own.

Now she and her bf are pissed because I got them in trouble. It wasn't just me, the RAs had been reporting him being unescorted as well. She crazyily followed me throughout the floor Sunday night, as I was getting ready to leave for my boyfriend's place because we had already made plans for that night before the bullshit drama and then told me I couldn't leave until I talked to her after clearing off her entire desk so that she could hover in the doorway to interrogate me. Now, I don't take shit like that well and after some evasive maneuvering, got the eff out of there. I also made plans for last night so that I would have time to cool off and get space from her, which she complained about because we omg had to talk nownownow. So now she's getting the chat when she wanted, which will be this afternoon. 

To relate this to work, she has turned EVERY SINGLE student worker against me. They're all on her side and think I'm a bitch because I wouldn't allow the boyfriend to stay in my room without her. That makes me a horrible bad person. All the student workers normally eat together. Last night when I joined their table, they acted as though I didn't exist and if I talked, I was ignored, so I quickly gave that up. So now I'm eating all my non-working meals by myself because they don't want anything to do with me over something that has NOTHING to do with the cafeteria work. Even the one student who insists on telling me his every single problem because his life succckkkkkssss is siding with her after playing at being my friend. 

To top this off, when I worked last night, we had a count of 60 people expected, and the last couple days it's been the same, so all the students have been sitting down/chilling various places in the cafe. So I was doing the same, chatting with a cook when the manager came around and asked where I was supposed to be and when I said salad bar, he said I should be over there. So I wandered over, past the collection of student workers being paid to sit on their butts, checked my salad bar, and then headed off to chat with the door checker, in clear view of the salad bar. The manager found me there and to keep it short, basically implied he was going to tie the salad bar workers to the bar. When I pointed out the other students sitting, he said the salad bar is always empty when he passes it and the salad worker is elsewhere. I haven't worked in the cafe for several days, so I had nothing to do with this current trend and told him I keep my salad bar full. He was like whatever, so I wandered back and stood next to the bar, and spent my entire shift glaring at the happy students sitting and enjoying not working. 
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