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Slacking Students Stike Again

What is with the student slackers lately?!

I answer the phone for a living for a non-profit. You can imagine some of the phone calls I get. I'd had some real winners especially when I first started here. Anyway...

I didn't post about my last experience here, but briefly, a girl called who was doing a project for school. She needed a volunteer opportunity for that day (Friday) or over the weekend related to a non-profit dealing with food (a food pantry giving away food boxes). I explained that we didn't place volunteers, but that I could give her some suggestions. But seriously, who decides on a Friday, Oh I need to do that project! Bad planning for her, I'd say. And I think she was just now deciding she needed to do her term project because classes here are wrapping up and going into finals this week.

Today I get another one. Last night at almost 11 someone left a message on my voicemail. She needed some materials from us for a project she was submitting today. We are open 8:30-5 M-F. She wanted to pick up the materials at 9. I returned her call at about 8:15 this morning, but never heard back. She comes in at about 9:15. Again, seriously, who just decides, Oh, I need brochures and posters? What if we hadn't had any? What if we had run out and were waiting on an incoming order? What if we'd purged all of our last year's materials for new ones? She just got lucky that we had massive amounts of extras from our last campaign.
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