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I've been at my job since I was 16, and that makes me the longest continous employee besides the managers.
I do like working there some days, but some of the crap makes me want to lock people in the freezer.
This one girl I work with seems to think that she is better than everybody else for some reason.  Since I do not take that attitude very well, when she started, I treated her the same as everyone else.  She thought that her precious hands should never touch garbage or lift or do anything, really.  All she does is text and act bitchy to the customers.  She wants to have more hours, but as soon as she walks through the door, she wants to leave and starts complaining about how much she has to work.
Then there is the other front closer.  She has issues with money because her husband is on disability, has several kids from a previous marriage that he has to provide for and two, now three children with her.  She married this guy, knowing that he is a control freak, accusing her of cheating on him if she does not give him her time slips.  I have to listen to this every time I work with her, which is getting annoying.  If not for food stamps, her children would have starved long ago.  This summer, she got a little extra money in a paycheck, so instead of paying back one of the guys that she borrowed money off of, she went to the casino.  Then, she had no money for presents for Christmas for her kids.  One of the managers gave her toys, so instead of waiting, she just gave them the toys as soon as she got home, so they had no Christmas.  She never thanks anybody for anything.  She found out she is pregnant now and has stopped doing any work, short of standing around holding the floor down.  When she works during the day, she won't do anything.  I constantly come in to nothing stocked, no toys in kids bags and shortages because she felt like doing nothing.
Then there are the customers.  I enjoy most of them, because they don't do anything stupid.  However, this summer was chock full of jerks.  Two teens stole a poster and were later caught.  Then some guy, and I know it was a guy because this was in the men's restroom, made a mess to rival all messes ever.  This part is gross.  If you are eating, skip it. I don't know what was wrong with him, but he left ....fecal matter everywhere.  The toilet was clogged with it and the walls in the stall were covered in it from about 1.5 feet and down.  Please, if you ever have that kind of problem, please, please seek medical attention and don't expel your bowls in a public restroom and then leave without telling anyone.  The gross part is now over.
Then, the stupid questions.  I had a woman ask me what the difference between a 2 pack and a 6 pack was.  My response, probably not what she wanted to know, was that the 6-pack had 4 more than the 2-pack. Someone else asked me how many are in a 12 piece.  Really? You can't figure that out on your own now? Come on. 
Customers, you also need to know that just because I work here, it does not mean that I am an idiot.  I only work here to pay for college.  That said, I do have hearing problems.  This does not mean that you are smarter than me.  This only means that you can hear better then I can. Don't talk down to me.

Some days I wish I could quit my job.
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