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why does my boss ask me about the one thing I haven't managed to get round to today? And then expects me to get "all those other wee things" done within the 2 and 1/2 hour time slot between her leaving and me leaving so that on Monday I can get that thing that I haven't done..done.

How can someone so well educated (apparently) not understand or even guestimate the amount of time it takes for me to do certain tasks............................I've just noticed I'm complaining again. Dam it! I was so trying to be peppy today!
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That kind of thing drives me nuts too. It does not help that I'm kind of OCD about trying to get everything done so that I don't have to look at it next week, and then having to deal with bosses who cannot organize themselves to save their own asses. My boss has gotten much better about it, especially since he's had to deal with people who took my place and were not trained well and were saying, "Um, how do I work MS Word?"
why would anyone ever employ someone who does not know the basics of MS word, or at least have the ability to figure it out by themselves *sigh* bosses i think someone of them forget what it was like to be the put upon secretary! I mean she doesnt tell me when she has booked clients nor does she tell me what is urgent so how exactly am i meant to prioritise (sp) and maybe she could do my work load much quicker but if i scribbled and cut corners the way she did so could i but it would all be wrong......................wow sorry brain dump! im glad someone else gets it my boss did not react well when faced with someone untrained. she bascially chipped away at her self estemm untill she left. eg Boss: " C did you go to uni"
C: "Yes"
Boss: "Really! *laughs*
Oh yes! My boss LOVES to do just this. He will schedule an appointment with a client and tell us half an hour before the person comes in...despite the fact it takes 2 hours to prepare the paperwork they will need. We have a calendar for appointments, he just doesn't use it. And, yes, he always asks me about the one or two things I haven't done, and those things usually are insignificant (buying him a new mirror for his son's motorcycle on ebay?) and the things I HAVE done are important (following up on commissions, sending in paperwork, calling clients). Why doesn't he care about the important things I do??
because he has to assert his authority so all he can do to pick on stupid shit! and to spring tasks and appointments on you at the last minute they are so so stupid!!!
Speaking of asserting authority, don't you love it when the boss calls from his cell in the middle of a very public place (airport, restaurant, etc) to "check in" as if the business can't run without him for an hour?? My boss does that all the time, I imagine to "impress" the people around him, because we sure as heck don't need him calling to ask about this or that transfer or client. A few weeks ago, he called to "check" if he had time for a meeting in his "busy schedule" in front of a colleague. Well, he knows damn well that our calendar has been empty for the last 3 months, but I had to be like, "Well, it is kind of packed but you could probably fit in a 12:45 meeting tomorrow..." That shit pisses me off!! Funny too, though. The ego of men.