Mixed feelings (gemfyre) wrote in workangst,
Mixed feelings

Racist AND Sexist!

Dear Boss

When you say, "I don't mean to sound racist but, I always have trouble with Indians. If someone Indian calls I don't want their buisness." You ARE being racist you silly twat.

Not to mention all the other little racist and sexist comments you make every damn day.

Ugh, I wish I could find a better job.
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Oh man, I could go on a rant about the same thing with my boss... hate racist bosses ):
Problem is he isn't one of these overtly racist types. He's one of the ones that just makes these little comments all the time and doesn't think there's anything racist or sexist about what he says.
Yes, thaty would irritate me to no end too.

One phrase that annoys me is "No offense, but {insert annoying/irritating/offensive item here}" because the person saying it really means to be offensive, but give themselves an easy out to back-peddle.