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You'd better be thankful you're miserable!

After making the rash (and stupid) decision to “have a trade” with no concern over what I’d actually be doing every single day for the rest of my life, I am now stuck-with nothing to show for it but a $10,000 debt.
Whenever I even begin to express my discontent I am met with the same old response “well you should be thankful you even have a job!” Yes. Ok, I should. Every time I pay a bill, in fact, I am thankful. Thankful does not mean, nor does it make, happy.
I’m stuck. Working from 7:45 until 4, maybe 4:30, maybe 5, maybe 5:30 there’s no set schedule for me to even attempt to return to school for an education in something I might actually enjoy. So the next time someone tells you how much they hate their job, just be a sympathetic ear. They’re probably stuck, too. It’s a small comfort, but griping about it is pretty much all we can do. Then we just wake up tomorrow before the sun’s even out and start it all over again.
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