wee_woman (wee_woman) wrote in workangst,

Just a Dream?

I would love to go to work everyday and enjoy it.
At this scary economic time in the world way too many people are unempolyed and dont want to be. These people would love nothing more than a job. And then there is me, I come in to work and aim to do as little as I can, not because the work is hard or particularly boring but because it doesnt interest me and I'm pretty lazy. Instead of taking a little pride in the work and just doing the best job I can. I would love to have the "Do the best job you can regardless" work ethic.

I waste too much time complaining and daydreaming and dodging. Maybe it wouldn't be as broing if I applied myself. There is a saying that life is what you make it and i take it that is true for work as well, ok this isnt the job i want to be in for the rest of my life but would it kill me to show a little pride and work ethic when there is so many people out there jobless.

Does anyone else enter work and hear themselves complain and hate it? If so how do you be a more positive person?

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