mix_hyenataur (mix_hyenataur) wrote in workangst,

my boss doesnt use toilet paper and we don't have a bidet

He keeps reiterating that he is from africa
He hated how I made new Windows xp sp3 cds, insisting I use sp2 (it takes up to a half hour to update to sp3)
I found a "Why Whites Do What They Do" Documentary dvd
He tells me to ignore tickets and rediagnose machines, yet only to ignore my ticket so he can recheck it later.
He keeps ram (and EDO) that is under 128mb (such as 32, 16, and even 8ms sticks), bad batteries, disk drives and hard drives, and has over 200 pcimia 56k cards (with only a dozen cables)
Pentium 2's fill up my workspace.... about 50 behind me and another 50 or more in another room.
He has at least 12 copies of every cd, despite being old, and most of them driver cds to usb 1.1 pci cards.

What the fuck is the point?

Also... he told me to install 98' instead of a recent copy of xubuntu on a laptop today. Seriously.
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